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Conférence sur la prévention et le recouvrement des créances en droit OHADA
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Joachim KUCKENBURG et Olivier BURETH interviendrons au côté de Jérémie WAMBO, juriste référendaire auprès de la CCJA, lors de la présentation de son ouvrage ("La prévention et le recouvrement des créances en droit OHADA") dans les locaux de KAB le 25 avril 2019 de 17h à 21h.


Intervention d'Olivier Bureth à l'Assemblée Nationale le 8 avril 2019 sur la transition énergétique en Afrique
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Olvier BURETH interviendra sur le thème de la transition énergétique en Afrique lors du colloque organisé par Croissance Peace le 8 avril 2019, à l'Assemblée Nationale, sur le thème de la croissance partagée avec l'Afrique.


About Us

Coming from different backgrounds  - corporate law firms and international organizations - Joachim KUCKENBURG and Olivier BURETH have established a partnership to develop synergies and to provide the best quality of legal services to their French and international clients. They have mostly surrounded themselves with French and foreign trilingual (English, French, German) lawyers, who are trained in French law, as well as in other legal systems, in particular from German speaking countries. 

The firm KAB specializes in the following areas :

  • International Arbitration
  • Real Estate and Construction Law
  • Corporate Law and Contracts
  • International Litigation
  • Energy Law
  • Real Estate Transactions


All our lawyers have expert knowledge of international private law and can therefore assist our international clients, which represent 70% of the firm’s clientele (Europe, Middle-East, Africa, North America). International commercial arbitration accounts for about 50% of the firm’s activity.

Each and every case entrusted to KAB is treated individually and as unique. We do not, for example, have a working group dedicated to standard cases. In order to guarantee a first-class, high-value added service and to achieve the best results possible for our clients, a working group of specialists is assembled for each case. 

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